007 – Luis Bujalance: How to Develop The Positive Thinking Needed to Reach Your Full Potential

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Every Monday, I head out to discover new aspects of Personal Development through interviews with inspirational guests who transformed their life’s. Together, we step back in history, as we explore what it takes to realise and act upon big Life-Changing Opportunities. Don’t reinvent the wheel but learn from the experiences of others. Naturally your own journey is unique but the success of other’s might be that little push you need to get started.

Luis Bujalance, MA in Fine Art & Abstract Artist living in Malaga, Spain takes us on a exploration of how to use positive thinking to achieve your big goals in life. Many question, if it is possible to make a living as an artist, but Luis underlines that with the right attitude it is easier to achieve than many might think. In this episode I talk to him about his experiences using The Louise Hay philosophy and what he learned from taking classes with a Mexican Sherman. We didn’t talk much about art but don’t miss visiting Luis’ website. He is an amazing artist and I love his work.

What’s in It for You?

On this episode we examine the following topics among others:

  • What is a Sherman and what is Louise Hay teaching?
  • How explorations within yourself help you find your right path in life.
  • Why positive thinking matters and how you can use it to transform your life.
  • How appreciation of what you already have may help your personal growth.

Dig Deeper with Influential Books

If you want to learn more about the topics discussed in this episode, Luis recommends you to read the following books that have been an important part of her own journey to where she is today. You should check them out.


Connect with Luis

You can reach Luis Bujalance in several ways. Through email, his Facebook-page, Instagram or why not visit his website. Look at the video below where Luis present himself and his work and don’t hesitate to reach-out to his agent Artclub if you are interested in his work.

What’s Next?

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