002 – Anita Dalsgaard: How to Make Your Own Magic in Business

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Every Monday, I head out to discover new aspects of Personal Development through interviews with inspirational guests who transformed their life’s. Together, we step back in history, as we explore what it takes to realise and act upon big Life-Changing Opportunities. Don’t reinvent the wheel but learn from the experiences of others. Naturally your own journey is unique but the success of other’s might be that little push you need to get started.

Today’s guest is Anita Dalsgaard. A Young Multitalented Digital Strategist and Food Entrepreneur who has changed the way a whole industry is thinking communication. Her ability to stay on track even during stormy times in life makes her stand out as one of few. Anita is extremely passionate about everything she does but her journey to the top haven’t been without struggles. Growing up during a time where jobs were hard to find and were the future where uncertain shaped her way of thinking. As she argues on the show you need to “Make Your Own Magic“. I had the pleasure of getting to know Anita at Stockholm Business School (department of Stockholm University) where we completed our marketing studies. Today she run the successful consultancy named after herself Anita Dalsgaard

What’s in It for You?

On this episode we examine the following topics among others:

  • How to find the right balance between work and private life
  • Why are values in life so important for you to reach your dreams?
  • What does it mean to be ambitious and how does it affect you?

Dig Deeper with Influential Books

If you want to learn more about the topics discussed in this episode, Anita recommends you to read the following books that have been an important part of her own journey to where she is today. You should check them out.


Connect with Anita

You can reach Anita Dalsgaard through her website, on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

What’s Next?

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